Socially Responsible Packaging

Grow your business in new and innovative ways while positioning your organization as a responsible partner within the community. Our commitment to socially responsible packaging and our participation in educational programs makes us the smart choice when it comes to paperboard manufacturing partners.

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Trees into Cartons, Cartons into Trees

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TICCIT is an outreach and educational program highlighting the natural renewability and sustainability of paperboard packaging. At the center of TICCIT is a mainstay of the typical school day – the milk carton.

As a part of the TICCIT, milk cartons were collected out of the schools' waste streams and re-used for the planting of new trees. Saplings were planted in the cartons, and then the new "cartons-and-tree units" were planted in the ground. The cartons provide protection and a natural "water funnel" for the new trees. As the new trees grow, the cartons breakdown naturally.

Sustainability is the intersection of many social, environmental, and economic factors. The Standard Group is committed to making sure that our customers understand the value we provide by using paperboard packaging in their supply chain.

A Focus on Sustainability

Transform your organization into a responsible environmental partner within the community with our focus on sustainable packaging. Our emphasis on sustainability has a number of social and economic benefits that your company can enjoy through the use of our products. These benefits include:

  • Maximizes Use of Renewable or Recycled Source Materials
  • Manufactured Using Clean Production Technologies and Best Practices
  • Physically Designed to Optimize Materials and Energy
  • Is Effectively Recovered and Utilized in Biological and or Industrial Cradle-to-Cradle Cycles
  • Meets Market Criteria for Performance and Cost
  • Is Beneficial, Healthy, and Safe for Individuals and Communities throughout Its Life Cycle

Benefits of Paperboard

Paperboard packaging has a long list of customer benefits including versatility; stackable, billboard effect; and retailer and consumer appeal. It also helps to meet retailer guidelines for life cycle accountability. You’ll be able to add up benefits from each of the “7Rs” (Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Renew, Recycle, Revenue, Read), as well as the R of Regeneration. Using paperboard packaging helps give landowners the incentive to regenerate forestlands and manage them in an environmentally responsible manner.

Consumer Appeal

A Study by Paperimpact found that 93 percent of consumers agree that paper-based packaging and labels are more environmentally friendly than alternative substrates. Other reasons for paper preference included a higher level of convenience, more pleasant to handle and touch, and the way it makes products more attractive. Paper packaging is also perceived as adding status to a brand. When asked which product they would buy if they saw the same product packaged in both paper and plastic, 87 percent of consumers surveyed said they would choose the one wrapped in paper.

Another study, conducted by the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) in April 2010, found that U.S. consumers rated paper and glass packaging as best for the environment, while 61 percent of respondents believe plastic bottles or containers are the most significant source of environmental pollution.

Earth Appeal

Paperboard begins and ends its life in ways that are friendly to the environment. Trees grown for use as paper are re-planted and, according to the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA), the private landowners who supply more than 90 percent of the wood harvested in the U.S. plant about four million trees each day.

These forests are being managed responsibly for the most significant environmental benefits. Furthermore, the forest products industry generates more renewable energy than any other U.S. industry, and 90 percent of the water used in paper manufacturing is returned to the environment after treatment. The remaining water is in the paperboard produced and in the process evaporation.

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