Company History

The Standard Group, in the incarnation of Standard Folding Trays, was formed four generations ago in 1932. Our founder, David Levkoff, was an owner of dress shops in Augusta, Georgia; where after receiving complaints from his clients about the unwieldiness of the large dress boxes they would have to manhandle home, developed the first die-cut handle.

From there he received some thirty odd patents, the most successful being the Triple-Tite Tray, which ‘owned’ the produce markets for many years. In the sixties, with the advent of plastic packaging, the company moved into the general folding carton business and changed its name accordingly to Standard Folding Cartons.

The sixties further saw the transition from letterpress to offset printing, opening the doors to Standard for many more Northeast business opportunities. At that time, toys and crafts were still produced in the States, and Standard played a major role in supplying packaging to those industries.

However, nothing lasts forever, and as toys left the country, Standard began focusing on food and private label; exploiting its skills of combination printing forms.

In the early eighties Standard expanded with the acquisition of Potlatch’s Louisville, Kentucky facility. The plant was completely re-equipped, with state of the art Mitsubishi UV offset presses and Bobst die cutters. Standard Folding now became The Standard Group, with more than just a regional market.

As we move into the new millennium Standard continues to blossom as a supplier of folding cartons to some of the country’s leading branded and private label manufacturers – bringing its entrepreneurial responsiveness and “Yes We Can” attitude into play against the majors…and becoming one of the leading independent converters in the country today.