What’s TICCIT?

TICCIT logoan educational outreach program that is all about trees, sustainability and the environment - and it’s incredibly worthwhile for you, your company, your community and the industry. If you prefer, you can call it by its full name: Trees Into Cartons, Cartons Into Trees. But we usually just say “ticket.” TICCIT lets you roll up your sleeves and make a difference in your community. The idea is that you make contact with your local primary school where you (or the teacher) will teach the kids all about trees, recycling and paper. We have a presentation, notes, and activities ready to go, but we’ve left the most important (and rewarding) part to you: teaching and inspiring the next generation. This document assumes that you will attend the school and teach the kids but it should also work if the teacher does it, provided they are well briefed.

Graphic of The Cartonboard Life Cycle

After you (or the teacher) gives your presentation, the real fun begins. You’ll help the children plant their own tree saplings in a carton. They can take home the tree in the carton and plant them as is - because paper is biodegradable. The children in your community will witness the “trees into cartons, cartons into trees” cycle complete before their eyes as they grow into the next generation of consumers and environmental stewards. We’ve heard from past participants how incredible it is to see the kids get it - that they can make a difference in this world by recycling and being friendly to the environment. It will be a powerful experience for them, and for you too.

From the presentation, students should walk away with an understanding of the:

  • Benefits of trees to the earth’s life cycle.
  • Benefits of paper based packaging over plastic and other less sustainable forms of packaging.
  • How paper is made.
  • How a carton is made from paper.
  • How a carton will biodegrade over time.
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